eBay Series

We’ve spent a fair amount of time reading and thinking about eBay.  Our series of posts includes:

1) eBay and Auctions

2) eBay and Auctions II — The Deadline

3) eBay and Inventory

4) eBay and Inventory II

5) eBay–What’s It Worth?

6) eBay–What’s It Worth?  Part II

7) eBay as a Bond

8 ) eBay’s Relative Value

9) eBay’s “Problems”

10) eBay’s Potential Problems

11) eBay’s Margins and Moat

12) Questions for eBay (3/2/09)

13) eBay’s 2009 Analyst Day (3/11/09)

14) Hopping Happenings at eBay (4/14/09)

15) eBay’s Bill Me Later (2/3/14)


6 responses to “eBay Series

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  6. eclecticvalue

    Hey what do you think of Ebay’s recent run-up?

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