Wide Moat Investing

A good business is like a strong castle.

As Warren Buffett once told his shareholders, “I don’t want an easy business for competitors. I want a business with a moat around it. I want a very valuable castle in the middle and then I want a duke who is in charge of that castle to be very honest and hardworking and able. Then I want a moat around that castle. The moat can be various things: The moat around our auto insurance business, GEICO, is low cost.”

Every business has a moat, but how wide is it?  Is there water in it?  Is the moat shrinking or expanding?

Moats may be evaluated quantitatively or qualitatively, so we will need to employ a variety of methods.  Along the way, we will learn all we can from Fisher, Buffett, and Graham, and hopefully, make some wise investments too.


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